Roy Lowey is a well-known, experienced veteran of the travel and tourism industry. He has many connections to “those in the know” in the business, and is a master of the art of person to person travel talk. As a pilot himself and a semi-retired airline executive, Roy has many stories to tell. Few know of his involvement as a pioneer in the travel industry, especially in terms of airlines. For example, at one point in his career he was offering the only passenger air service from California to the Baja Peninsula. His airline companies Air Cortez and Pacific National Airways started out by flying nine-passenger twin Beech aircraft and then DC3s to what were then little known places in the Sea of Cortez region, many of which were important getaways for celebrity sports fishermen, along with other Hollywood figures and Silicon Valley Gurus. Roy also operated a service out of Las Vegas to remote areas in Nevada desert for the U.S. Government as well as tourist day trips to the Grand Canyon. He has worked with some of the world's most illustrious travel and tourism leaders (Freddy Laker, Nicky Oberoi) and has operated every kind of tour operation you can think of.