THE GIFT OF LIFE – Air travel makes the difference between life and death.

In order to understand where an organization is going, it’s important to understand where the organization has been. The foundation of the humanitarian organization, Air Tours Wings for Life, rests on the shoulders of many individuals aiming to make the world a better place — to shine a ray of light in places that are obscured by shadows and seem to be forgotten by the rest of civilization. Air Tours Wings for Life is a concept born in the hearts and minds of those who strived to extend a nurturing hand to those in need. It’s a sense of patriotism magnified to a grand global scale, where no religious and political boundaries exist. The only thing that matters, as we march forward in this life, is to make sure that no man, woman or child is left behind.

Air Tours Wings for Life affiliate program offers free transportation to benefit families and those with special needs  who need to travel for specialized medical care, . This travel is donated in an effort to reduce the financial burden of serious illness on individuals and families. Air Tours also provides charitable assistance to various missionary groups.  Provides food supplies, rescue missions to remote areas in Honduras, some only accessible by air

Air Tours Wings for Life and it’s charities is funded by donations, revenue from Air Tours ability to offer  day trip nature tours and private charters authorized by the Honduras private flights for remuneration program.

Air Tours Wings for life gives hope