Introducing Wings Over Central America

that explore a region in depth while traveling aboard private air.  A journey that showcases cultural diversity and scenery found beyond the beaches and all inclusive resorts.  Visitors can learn about ancient civilizations and enjoy the things that has made Central America an amazing destination.

Day 1 – Antigua, Guatemala – 0700 board your private aircraft 

Day 2 – San Salvador, El Salvador

Day 3 – Managua, Nicaragua 

Day 4- San Jose, Costa Rica

Our Private Air Wings over Central America puts you in control of the flight experience.  We work with you personally throughout the experience to ensure that your Private Air experience is what you want it to be.  Be in control of your travel and schedule.


Our pilots are highly skilled professionals


Our team of dedicated air charter professionals is able to provide the best tailor made air charter solutions, source the right aircraft and provide you with the most reliable rates.

Empty legs:

We post our empty legs/ferry flights periodically on our @airtourshn Facebook page. These are available at reduced rates or for humanitarian needs:   

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