About Us

Dare to dream!

Air Tours is a private Honduras company with wings and air alliance agreements with small regional airline companies.. It is a community of tourism related businesses, organizations, individuals, members and non-members. All dedicated to promoting Honduras and Central America’s beauty, natural resources, through sustainable tourism practices.

The companies vision is to provide unique vacation packages, dedicated optional up and back  one day air tours for visiting tourists and locals alike. Offering visitors the ability to travel to places like Copan and other places in Central America, making up and back in the same day possible, as well as vacation packages .This is due to the fact that Air Tours private aircraft have the ability to stay with its passengers for the duration of their one day tour. Additionally, we will offer vacation packages to some of the best places in Honduras and Central America.

Air Tours Wings for Humanity  offers free transportation to benefit families and missionary organizations  who need to travel for specialized medical care. This travel is donated in an effort to reduce the financial burden of serious illness on individuals and families. Air Tours also provides charitable assistance to various missionary groups.  Provides food supplies, rescue missions to remote areas in Honduras, some only accessible by air.

Air Tours ability to provide the charitable services is from donations and revenue earned from the sales of our vacation packages, one day tour programs and private charters. Air Tours is a private company operating under authority from the Honduras Governments  private flights for remuneration program.

The companies aircraft comply with the manufactures on going maintenance program to the highest industry standards. Our liability insurance is purchased through affiliates of Lloyds of London in accordance with international insurance regulations.

our core values