La Ceiba

This amazing city offers you the best travel experience, whether you like beaches or mountains, La Ceiba has it all!

Rio Cangrejal Collection of Unique Lodges

The Cangrejal River Collection

Set in the beautiful Honduran jungle, The lodges offer the perfect relaxing escape with a difference! Your jungle home away from home awaits you; come and enjoy our jungle resorts with amazing amenities, one of the best getways in Central America. With marvelous views of the river and waterfall El Bejuco. The jungle lodges offer a mix of wonderful views, waterfall, river and jungle cliffs. The Cangrejal Valley offers one of the best white water rafting experiences in Central America. The Cangrejal River has class II, III and IV rapids with lots of drops, waterfalls, and narrow passages. Truly awesome! Pico Bonito National Preserve offers hikes to the waterfalls and the best birding and nature trails in Central America. A relaxed river environment, it's our great escape in these challenging times.

Beach and City Hotels

Activities in La Ceiba

Cangrejal Valley Offers River Rafting

Adrenaline inducing rafting, between giant boulders, in warm water, through the jungle on an immense riverbed, in the Pico Bonito National Park. We do some theory and basic paddle instructions in the pool, load our kayaks on top of our jeep and drive 2 min. to the put–in and see how we do in the first easy rapids. Your instructor is very experienced and navigates you through all those rapids on your way down the river. Breathtaking scenery, with the El Bejuco waterfall and Pico Bonito National Park always in sight.

Cuero y Salado

Cuero y Salado is highlighted by a great biodiversity of birds, where has been identified more than 200 species. For this reason, it is a bird watchers “hot spot”. Plus you will enjoy watching monkeys, crocodiles, bats among other animals, surrounded by a mangrove forest.

Camp Rio Santiago, Nature Resort

This can be the highlight of your next vacation. If you love nature as we do. Like to get away from the day to day stress to an exclusive natural environment. Club Rio Santiago is adjacent to the 280,000 acre Pico Bonito National Park. Rio Santiago is the hummingbird capital of Central America. We offer a wide range of activities, tropical bird watching, rain forest adventures, hiking, four crystalline mountain streams tumble over waterfalls through our pr camp also has a private plane available for transportation to and from the site. ivate nature preserve of over 150 acres. This is one of he most beautiful eco-friendly resort sites in Honduras.

Sambo Creek, Canopy Tour and Hot Springs

It is often said that Honduras has no active volcanoes. While this is technically true, the geological reality of Honduras is that there is a certain amount of volcanic activity going on underground. How else can you explain the fact that there are many different places in the country where you can find hot springs in Honduras?

However, the most unique setting of all has to be the hot springs located in Atlantida, near the City of La Ceiba, where you can find some awesome hot springs in Honduras in the middle of the jungle.
Yes deep in the Nombre de Dios Mountains. What makes these awesome hot springs in Honduras so unique is the fact that they are easy to get to and there is basic infrastructure that makes you stay there truly memorable. The springs themselves bubble up to the surface at boiling temperatures, however they naturally blend into a cold mountain creek just down the mountain and form swimming holes where you can relax in the jungle. These pools are in a unique setting, as the steep mountain creates small waterfalls and drops into them, naturally regulating the temperature of the water, cooling the water as it falls closer to sea level. Well designed wooden decks give you access to the different levels, making it easy and safe to seek just the perfect temperature and setting for you. The service includes a 30 minute massage, a mud bath and time to relax in the hot springs.