Copan Ruinas is the prime destination for anyone traveling the Honduran mainland. A small town with cobblestone streets, a multicultural ambiance in a regularly visited yet not too crowded destination, all ready for your eyes to take in.

You can easily spend a week in Copan and enjoy plenty of activities besides the main Maya site, as even only a casual stroll through the town’s enjoyable scenery and the interaction with the local daily life will result in a pleasant experience.

The calm streets are ideal for a nice walk at any time of day: you can walk into the picturesque local market, pass through several souvenir stores, visit a few coffee shops, and try out one of the many restaurants and bars. The town even has its own artisan brewery where Thomas, a German authentic master brewer, will pour you some of the best refreshing beer in the region, along with a delicious locally produced gourmet variety of cheese.